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ISBN: 9781370535873

R18+ Graphic sexual content

Nate's a manipulative pretty boy who's never been told 'no'. There's no girl his face, his hot bod and his arrogance can't charm into his bed. Rejection just isn't in his vocabulary.

Asha Grace is the girl next-door, all grown up. She's always had a thing for Nate, but doesn't want to be another notch on his well-scored bedposts... or end up tied to them.​

But when Vince, an enigmatic stranger who seems to know all Nate's secrets, comes to live at the house, things take a turn for the weird. Vince's mission seems to be to tear Nate's carefully constructed worldview apart, leaving him sexually confused and terrified, as he learns things about himself he never suspected. But it may just make him a better man...

Exploits (coming soon!)

R18+ Graphic sexual content

This Nate's a corporate downsizer whose personal passion is exploiting people at their most vulnerable.

Proudly bisexual, fiercely manipulative and an unrepentant sociopath, no one's safe from his personal brand of coercion.

But when Nate chooses to not only fire, but humiliate a salesman with fetishes arguably more perverse than his own, a fierce battle erupts between the two, escalating out of control as two equally morally bankrupt men seek to break each other using every weapon they can lay their hands on.

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Intergalactic Pornstar

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