In recent times, I've been writing nothing but twisted smut. That's been fun, and it's kept my hand in while I figured out what I could contribute to the world that had more value.

Over the past several years, one idea has repeatedly nudged at me, urging me to write it. A book idea that I think needs to be written. Once written, it needs to be produced into a visual medium by people who care about content, rather than mass appeal or profit.

This project will take time, so please be patient. In the meantime, I do still dabble in disturbing erotic fiction, and you can find my work under jasonclearwater on Literotica, and some samples (sadly in need of curation) on this site, under 'Free stories'.

If you do choose to contribute your experiences to this project, you have my thanks. Only with your help, can I get this right.

WARNING: This site features links to hardcore sexual content.

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New story added:

Intergalactic Pornstar

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