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Intergalactic Pornstar - Part 1

October 22, 2018

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Intergalactic Pornstar - Part 1

October 22, 2018


EARLY ACCESS (22nd October 2018)


The story: Ryan gets recruited to join the IGPN - The Intergalactic Gay Porn Network. 


category: gay male

Tags: #dominance and submission, #bdsm



“Can I get you a drink?”


I glanced up to see an older guy leaning against the bar.


“Sure.” I showed him the bottle in my hand. I never was one to turn down a free drink.


The man gave his order to the barman, then held his hand out for me to shake.


“Chester Greaves.”


“Ryan,” I said, thinking this was unusual. I wasn’t against fucking older guys, but they generally didn’t introduce themselves with a handshake.


Our drinks arrived, and he flicked the credits across the bar.


“How old are you, Ryan?”


I got that all the time. I looked my age, which for most guys, meant they were a lot older, and taking supplements.


“Twenty-eight. As of this fall.”


“And all this is natural, if I’m not mistaken?” Chester waved a hand to indicate my physique.


I was in good shape, but if you looked twice, you could tell I wasn’t on the usual cocktail of bio-improvement supplements most gay guys took to stay looking as young as possible.


My build and muscle tone were the result of my parents’ attention to good genes, a lot of hours spent working out, and a healthy diet that complemented my healthy sex drive. Why no supplements? Pure ego. I was proud of my body and wanted other guys to notice it was natural.


“I want to show you something,” said Chester—and that’s where my potential hookup for the evening took a weird turn.


He flashed up a piece of brochureware in the air in front of me and I glanced sideways at him as it started to play, trying to figure out what his game was. Some kind of salesman?


A logo I knew well from hours watching porn flashed up, a purple and black logo that read ‘IGPN’—which every gay man knew stood for ‘Intergalactic Gay Porn Network’—known colloquially as ‘the network’.


The logo faded, and a video started to play of a fit guy being sucked off by a skinny femme, while the camera angle rotated around them 360 degrees. They were both on supps, judging by the skinny guy’s baby-face, and the size of the fit guy’s muscles. Colony adult entertainment law insisted all performers were at least twenty years old, in an effort to prevent abuse of minors, so I knew there was no way in hell the skinny guy was as young as he looked.


A voiceover played as the video moved on to show a 3D model of the colonies.


“Operating from our state of the art facility on Luyten B, IGPN is the largest gay adult entertainment provider to the Earth colonies, exporting content to Earth, Proxima Centauri and Gliese. In addition, IGPN supplies over eighty percent of the adult offerings provided to clients by the interstellar transit market, with over four billion hours of content consumed per Earth year. Catering to even the most niche demands, IGPN is proud to be have been recently voted ‘The Only Gay Adult Entertainment Provider You Need’, by ‘BoundD’ magazine.”


The video cut to a virtual tour through the network’s facilities, which seemed to be set in the middle of a tropical jungle. It showed off the fancy living quarters, top quality chef-prepared meals, then a montage of young, fit men in tight shorts working out in a gym, wearing tiny speedos as they swum laps and played water polo, played shirtless football, and coated in sweat as they wrestled on an IGPN branded mat.


“Our models are treated with the greatest respect, with yearly bonuses reaching into the tens of millions of credits for our top performers.”


The video showed a bunch of guys, some who I’d wanked to on slow days, smiling into the camera, with their screen names and earnings displayed under their grinning faces.


“Enquire now and see if IGPN is the right FIT for you.”


That was some top quality advertising copy right there.


The brochureware blinked out of existence and I looked Chester up and down, this silver-haired older guy, with a stomach soft from too many expensive meals. He clearly didn’t take supplements either... unless he was actually in his hundreds.


“Why are you showing this to me?” I asked.


“Right now, we’re looking for men like you who don’t rely on chemical enhancement in order to look… well, frankly, extremely fuckable.”


I took the compliment.


“The demand for natural bodies is an emerging market,” he went on, “…and it pays exceptionally well.”


Yeah, we all knew that, but not everyone wanted to fuck on camera where their parents might one day see their dick sliding up another guy’s butt.


“Why the hell would I get into porn?” I asked.


“The same reason anyone does. More money than you’ll ever earn anywhere else.”


I shrugged and drained my drink. “I earn just fine.”


I didn’t, but that wasn’t the point. Besides, there was no way I was doing whatever the porn stars earning 'tens of millions' of credits were willing to do. I knew the drill. Most of the performers in the industry earned ten percent between them what one top performer earned in a year.


Chester flicked a number up in front of my eyes. It was an exact number, one I’d committed to heart. The current cost of a ticket to Gliese. Everyone I knew, everyone my age, dreamed of somehow making it to Gliese... well, specifically Gliese 832C. It was the ultimate destination for people my age, right at the edge of the colonies, not subject to standard Earth law.


Five times the size of Earth, it was tilted on its axis and tidally locked, so that half of it lay in perpetual darkness, and half of it was perpetually light. Temperatures fluctuated wildly between the two sides, with the borderland between the two around the same as a balmy day in Manitoba. One of the features of Gliese 832 was the Border Strip—a notorious equatorial habitat that existed in perpetual sunset. You can imagine the views.


Problem was, Gliese 832 was over sixteen light years away, and on a cheap cryo transit, of the kind I could afford, that was forty-four Earth years in space, taken in four alternating hibernation shifts. Biologically, I’d be nearly fifty by the time I got there, and the world would have moved on. And while fifty was only a quarter of my life down, and supplements were readily available, something about all that time locked on a ship, bored out of my brain, didn’t appeal.


I’d decided a couple of years ago to give up on seeing Gliese while I was young, and work on saving up to migrate to the next closest colony planet as soon as I could, hoping to only lose five bio years off my life. But with the money Chester was offering, there was another way. The most expensive way. Hopgates.


A hopgate could get you there with no aging, no cryo shifts. In fact, no time lost, meaning you’d arrive on the planet as advertised.


“Of course, if you don’t want the money…”


I put a hand on his arm. “Wait, wait, hold up. You’ve got my attention. What exactly would I have to do to make that kind of cash?”


He knew he had me. I could see the satisfaction in his eyes.


“To earn that particular sum of money, you’d need to do everything asked of you by IGPN for two Earth years.”


“Like what?”


He sent me another piece of brochureware divided into two coloured panels, one red, one blue. On the left side was a red panel stamped with the initials ‘DT’. On the right side was a blue panel labelled with the initials ‘WB’.


“It’s all in there.”


I waved my hand at the blue panel, but nothing happened. I waved it at the red panel and a bunch of legalise flashed up in front of my face.


“Make sure you read it all. Sign the waiver and the attached contract and return it to me by six-thirty a.m. tomorrow morning. Transit leaves for the Luyton hopgate at seven a.m.”


They’d even hop me to Luyton. That trip was worth over a million credits in itself.


I scrolled down far enough to see the amount he was offering was already written in. The number was there, all those zeroes. The exact cost of taking a hop transit from Earth to Gliese. There was also a mention of opportunities to earn bonuses, which I made a mental note to check out later. It’d be good to have spending money when I arrived.


“You need to have this signed and be at the transit port at seven a.m,” he said. “One minute later and the doors will be sealed.”




“You can’t be late, Ryan,” he said.


“Okay, I get it.”


Satisfied, he left the bar. And at 6.49am the next morning, I joined the Intergalactic Gay Porn Network.




I didn’t read the terms and conditions. I decided if I did, I’d just overthink it. All I needed to know was that I was going to have to have sex on camera for money, and the only part of that I hadn’t done before was get paid.


Chester met me as I stepped out of the transit.


“All ready?”


“Yeah, I’m good.”


“Did you read the terms and conditions?”




He sighed. “Let me just reiterate, in case you missed they key clauses, that when you join the network, you agree to do everything asked of you, some of which may not be to your personal taste. We’ll never ask you to do anything that compromises your safety, but we will test your limits.”


“Okay.” I wished he’d stop talking.


“Before you go on camera, you’ll be trained across all the many disciplines we offer. I will be your trainer and master.”


That sounded like some kind of dominance/submission thing, but I wasn’t too bothered. I knew the porn industry loved that kind of thing.


“If you don’t obey instructions, you give us the right to punish you. Footage, or live feeds of this punishment, is offered to our clients as a product.”


“Okay. But at the end of two Earth years I’ll get paid three million and ninety-four credits?”


“Yes. Or if you prefer, you can adjust the terms to whatever the cost of a ticket from Luyton to Gliese is two years from now, to counteract the effects of inflation.”


That was a good point. A ten percent adjustment on today’s price would put the ticket out of my range for at least another three years, if not permanently.


“If you choose financial remuneration, on the day you arrive on Luyton, the funds will be placed into a trust account and held for you until your final day with us. Any bonuses you earn will be added to that account. However, as stated in the contract, should you choose to leave part-way through your term, you will not receive your full payment, or in fact any payment, until after the first year, where you will receive a pro-rated payment less the cost of transporting, feeding, housing and training you.”


“Will you hop me back to Earth?”


“No. If you leave part-way through the contract term, you’ll have to make your own way back. Reason being, we need to cover our costs, and we won’t see a profit on your work until at least the second year.”


That wasn’t great. It meant that if I backed out, I’d have to spend all my savings, and waste years of my life getting back to Earth. I didn’t have enough cash to go anywhere else. Or, I’d have to stay on Luyton, which was nothing but a giant industrial complex. I supposed I could get a job maintaining the equipment in the mineral mines and fuck other maintenance engineers for the rest of my life.


Or, just do whatever the fuck they wanted me to do.


“If you choose your remuneration in the form of a ticket to Gliese, an open-ended, refundable ticket from Luyton via the closest hopgate, will be reserved in your name.”


That was an exceptionally good deal. Just the thought of being on Gliese by the age of thirty… I wasn’t going to say no.


“I must ask you once again,” he said, “do you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of your contract as stated, and as I’ve explained them?”


He flashed up the permission form again, with the amended detail of the ticket to Gliese, and I tagged to accept it. “We’re good.”


He shook my hand with a pleased smile. “Welcome aboard, Ryan.”


Half an hour later I was strapped into a seat on the hop transit, as we started the trip out to the gate.




I woke with a hell of a hop-hangover. Chester let me out of the pod and led me to the ground transit, where he handed me a white pill and a bottle of water.


“What’s this?” I wasn’t fond of taking drugs of any kind.


“A sedative. It’s a long ride out to the campus, and you’ll feel better when you wake. It’ll give your body a chance to acclimatise to the new gravity while you’re unconscious. We have gravity shifters, but there is still a small difference. You’ll feel fractionally lighter, and initially you may find this disorienting.”


“Okay.” I took the pill.


“Now, keep in mind, the moment you arrive, you’ll be on camera. We don’t sell all the footage we gather, but any of it could potentially be used, either to promote IGPN, or as teasers on another piece of content.  If at any point you want to break the agreement, simply let me know, and I’ll arrange for you to be transited back to the port.”


“Okay.” I was already starting to feel sleepy.


What Chester wasn’t saying, was that taking the sedative was also a way to make sure I didn’t know how to get to the facility. IGPN got a lot of hate from the anti-porn lobby, so the location was kept secret. Even from its performers.




I woke with a thick head, to find myself lying naked on my back on a carpeted floor.


Chester leaned over me. “Good, you’re awake. You’re just in time to watch one of our top earners in action.”


He nodded towards whatever lay behind me, and I managed to get up on my hands and knees, and turned to find myself face to face with a glass wall. We seemed to be in a viewing box, overlooking what looked like a photography studio. The walls and floor were painted white, and on a raised platform in the middle of the room, a guy who looked as if he was in his late teens or early twenties, was shackled on his hands and knees.


Watching, I felt some empathy for the guy’s vulnerable position, and had to remind myself he was getting paid megabucks to be here. But either he was having a bad day, or he was really unhappy about what was about to happen to him, as he hung his head, and I could see his body jerking as he sobbed.


“Is he alright?” I asked.


“His audience wants to see him cry, so he cries. Our performers are some of the best in the colonies. Every performance must be convincing.”


I guessed the audience for this kind of content liked a bit of simulated misery, and this guy was clearly good at delivering it.


Manacles attached his wrists and ankles to a raised part of the floor, and while from this angle it was hard to see, it looked as if he had chains running from rings through each of his nipples, and from a ring piercing the tip of his cock, back to metal rings set into the concrete platform. Behind him, pushed back against the wall, were half a dozen white leather armchairs.


A buzzer sounded, and a green light flashed high up on the wall. As it did, a parade of good-looking black guys entered the room. So, that was the kink. Skinny little white guy pummelled by big black cocks. Seemed some clichés never died.


Every single one of the guys who walked into the room was fit and athletic and hung like a horse. Their skin was oiled, and gleamed under the lights, emphasising their six-packs and massive pecs, and their tight, muscular glutes, as they surrounded the helpless captive.


Each of the men had their names inked across their left pec, and each wore a different coloured band around their wrist. As they surrounded the younger guy, he looked at them with fear on his face.


“What’s he being punished for?” I asked Chester.


“He decided he was too tired to let another performer use his mouth.”




“Watch closely,” Chester told me. “And understand that this will happen to you if you refuse to do as you’re asked.”


I barely took in what he was saying as my attention was drawn back towards the glass by a speaker humming to life that projected sound from the room below.


At the same time, close-ups of the kid’s face and different angles of his body appeared on three sixty-inch screens set high up on the wall. His hair fell across his face, hiding his eyes, but I could see tears dripping from his chin. A camera angle from above zoomed in to show the tattoo scrawled across his lower back, just above his ass, read ‘Ashley’.


Why would he refuse to suck someone off if he knew this would happen? I wondered, as I watched the six muscular black guys walk around him, eyeing him up, laughing among themselves and slapping the kid’s ass, making him jump as if he was terrified.


A fourth screen flashed up that showed a set of infographics, labelled things like ‘Active watchers’, ‘Revenue’, and ‘Upvotes’.


A label appeared at the bottom of each of the other three screens which read 



‘Watch Ashley take six BBCs, as he gets punished for his insolence by Jamal, Des, Curtis, Simone, Kav and Martin’


In the middle of the infographics screen, a countdown started.


3… 2… 1…


The word ‘LIVE’ blinked twice, then moved up to the right-hand corner of the screen.


The buzzer sounded, and one of the black guys, whose tattoo read ‘Kav’, stepped up to the kid, holding the base of what had to be a good nine to ten inches of solid meat.


He waved it in front of the kid’s face. “Gonna suck me now, boy?”


Ashley nodded without looking up.


“Then get up on my dick, bitch.”


Kav grabbed a fistful of the captive guy’s hair and wrenched his head back, then started to feed him his dick.


I winced, watching that thick cock invade the kid’s throat, filling every inch of space he had to offer. On the screens, I could see Ashley’s nostrils flaring as he struggled to breathe, while he looked up at Kav with big, scared eyes.


“Yeah, that’s it, take it alllll down that bitch throat of yours.”


I couldn’t look away as Kav’s meat slid further into Ashley’s gullet, half expecting the kid to retch or protest. Instead, he seemed to be concentrating on making space, as Kav sheathed every inch of his massive cock in the kid’s throat.


“There, is that so hard?” Kav asked, and the others laughed.


“Bitch never gonna’ turn us down again!” said one a guy whose tattoo read ‘Martin’, and Kav high-fived him.


“Now, you know what’s gonna happen boy?” Kav said to Ashley.


The kid couldn’t move his head with his throat impaled like that, but the hidden cameras caught his answer in his eyes.


“We’re gonna fuck that ass haaaard,” Martin clarified, in case Ashley wasn’t sure.


A guy with a meat rod the size of a policeman’s baton stepped up behind Ashley. His tattoo read ‘Simone’. He fondled the kid’s ass with one hand as he lathered lube up and down his club with the other, running his hand over the thick, fleshy head with a sticky sound.


“You ready for this, bitch?” He grinned as he ran his cock up and down the crack of the boy’s ass.


Ashley whimpered, and tears ran down his face as Simone’s thick cock pressed against his entrance and slowly breached him. The kid let out a groan that turned into a hoarse scream, as the man’s massive cock was fed into his skinny ass.


“Relax, bitch, or you’ll be inside out by the time I’m done!”


Ashley moaned and wept as Simone slapped his ass, leaving red handprints on his pale skin, while never pausing his steady slide deep into the boy’s guts.


Moaning constantly now around the cock lodged in his throat, Ashley begged for mercy with his eyes.


“You know how this works, bitch,” said Kav. “You suck, and we fuck.”


The kid kept up his unintelligible moaning as Kav slid his massive tool out of the boy’s throat, then laughing, gathered up two fistfuls of his hair to better hold him in place while he throat-fucked him.


“That’s it, bitch, massage my meat with your throat. That feels fantastic.”


“Here, I’ll make him moan some more.” Simone slid out a few inches then plunged back in, driving an even louder protest from the speared kid, muffled only by Kav simultaneously strangling him with ten inches of thick meat.


“What do you think?” Chester asked me.


“He doesn’t look as if he’s having fun.”


Chester laughed. “Ah, Ashley, one of our top earners. See the comments on that screen there?”


On the infographics screen comments were scrolling up at an alarming speed, things like, ‘Keep it up baby, cry your heart out, you’ll be okay’, and ‘So hot, love the tears, keep it up Ashley!’. At least a few were negative, ‘Let him go, you bastards, don’t hurt him!’, but those were in the minority.


“Ashley works to his preferences, and he’s very good at what he does. Any pain he might feel is temporary and completely optional. Nanite lube and healing creams mean all he experiences is discomfort, unless he prefers not to use them. And for some of this, he has chosen not to use them.”


I’d heard rumours about porn stars using those kinds of aids, and numbing creams to help them stay hard longer, but I’d never seen a porn actor as convincing as the guy down below.


“If he likes it that much, why’s he crying?”


Greaves gave me a gentle smile. “Have you never been so overwhelmed by something, that you couldn’t contain it? Perhaps something forbidden—something that scared you, but that you enjoyed very much, regardless? Look at him.”


“He looks terrified.”


“And he’s hard. He’s been with us for two years now. You know what he did to receive his punishment. Why do you think he did that?”


“Because he wanted to.” It wasn’t a question.


“Exactly. Now watch and learn from one of the best.”


I turned back to the glass ,and watched the two black men fuck this skinny kid from both ends, leaving me in awe of how his body could hold so much manflesh.


They both took their time, Kav sliding out of Ash’s throat to slap him across the face with his slick meat, while Simone pulled out a couple of times to make sure he didn’t blow his load too soon, before getting into some smooth fucking that made it hard to keep my eyes off the rhythmic clench of his ass cheeks.


After what felt like half an hour, the black guys sped up their pace, and Ashley’s fingers curled against the floor as he did his best to hold still; probably trying to avoid dragging on the rings through his nipples and ragingly hard cock.


Finally, Kav reached his climax. He pulled back, his flesh glistening with saliva and throat juice, and squirted a load of cream into the skinny guy’s mouth, making sure the cameras caught it all. I could see the kid’s throat working as he gulped it all down and marvelled at how much of it there seemed to be.


Kav squeezed a few drops of his jizz into the kid’s hair, then forced Ashley to clean the rest.


“Nice work, bitch. Don’t know why you turned me down. You’re an excellent cocksucker.”


As Kav moved away, the man lodged in the kid’s ass gripped his hips and plunged all the way into him, filling his guts with sperm.


Ashley kept sobbing as Simone offered his spent cock to him, but he tongued the last of the man’s cream away, then licked him from base to tip as if he’d had plenty of practice.


Simone gripped the kid’s hair and shook his head side to side. “Learned your lesson?”


Ashley nodded, tears still leaking down his face.


“Good boy.” Simone slapped the kid’s cheeks with his softening cock, then took a seat along the wall next to Kav, while two more men stepped forward.


“How long will this go on?” I asked.


Behind me, Chester answered, “For his full shift. Eight hours.”


I turned around to face him. “Eight hours?


“He knew the consequences of his actions.”


Jesus Christ. Still, as wrong as all this was, it was also making me exceptionally hard. I looked down at Ashley getting impaled again, and imagined being one of the guys fucking him.


“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were enjoying watching him get spit roasted,” said Chester, a mocking lilt in his voice. “Come here.”


I crawled between his legs, knowing what he wanted.


“Take me out,” he said.


I put my hands to his pants and unzipped his fly, fishing out a respectable girthy six inches, already partially hard.


“I’m sure you know what to do,” he said.


I knew one thing. I didn’t want to ever get punished like that poor bastard below.


I moved closer and slid his foreskin back with my hand, then wrapped my lips around his cock head.


“Mmm, very nice.”


Chester put his hands behind his head as I got him nice and wet, sliding my tongue up and down his cock, while I looked up at him.


There was a hungry light in his eyes as he looked down at me. I got it. I was a twenty-eight-year-old man, in my prime, athletic and masculine as they came, sucking an older guy off for money. Even I thought it was hot.


He stayed silent as I serviced him, but the muffled cries and screams coming through the speakers were encouragement enough to put in my best effort.


When he decided it was time to get serious, he ran his hands through my hair, then gave it a sharp tug, and I started to suck him in earnest, figuring he wanted me to swallow his load. But he had other ideas.


He pushed me off his cock. “Turn around.”


My heart hammered as it hit me that I was now a gay porn star, about to get fucked on camera for the first time, and that this might one day be seen by millions of people.


The kid below let out a scream, which was followed by the sound of his throat being plugged with a giant schlong. Even if I hadn’t been hard, I was determined to take Chester’s cock like a champ, despite preferring to top.


“Stand up and brace yourself against the glass.”


I stood so my head was nearly touching the viewing window, and Chester took his place behind me.


There was the sound of lube being squirted from a bottle, and a moment later thick, cold liquid hit the top of my ass and slid down between my cheeks. Chester fingered the stuff into my hole, and then, as the kid below was rammed by a fresh cock, Chester pressed home.


Usually I liked a bit more prep if I was going to bottom, but while it was uncomfortable having him push right in, the sensation was just a stretch. Nano-repair lube, I was guessing, a muscle relaxant and injury prevention cream all-in-one. Still, the stretch was intense. I hadn’t taken many cocks myself, but as I watched Ashley getting reamed while Chester fucked my hole, I understood why the kid wouldn’t shut up.


I could see Chester’s face reflected in the glass behind me as my hair brushed against the glass, and looked away, keeping my gaze on what was going on below. I guessed that was how Chester had sold me on this whole thing. He picked up on how perverted I was before I figured it out myself.


He fucked me at a leisurely pace, and I realised that he’d been in me long enough that all the men below had taken turns fucking Ashley and were lining up again.


“We use nanites to refresh their sperm and keep them hard,” explained Chester as he pumped away. “They can fuck for hours.”


I considered that as he let out a grunt and slammed his groin against my cheeks to spill his seed. As he pulled out, I felt the suction of being vacated, and was sure I felt his cum trickling out of me. It was hard to tell though, as my hole was numb. I could have been imagining it.


He fingered something around the inside of my entrance, and even the dull ache from being stretched out faded. It was comforting to know pain here was optional.


He clicked his fingers again and I knew what he wanted. I turned around and crawled over to him as he sat back in his seat and spread his legs wide. I licked and sucked his slick cock clean, leaving him clean and partially hard, as my mouth got him aroused again.


His cock mostly tasted of a pleasant-flavoured lube, for which I was grateful, and I suspected I’d been cleaned out before I woke. But it did make my throat go numb for a couple of minutes.


Once his cock was clean, Chester packed himself away, then directed me back to watching the action below.


Having fucked him senseless, the two guys currently using Ashley high-fived and came in both his holes. As they pulled out, he collapsed onto his elbows and knees, looking exhausted and fragile.


But his ordeal wasn’t over yet. Kav, the guy who’d first fucked him, wrenched him up by his hair and pushed his meat back into the boy’s mouth, while another guy lifted his hips and pushed straight into the kid’s well-used asshole.


For the next few hours Chester had me kneel in front of that glass wall, as the skinny little bastard had his holes relentlessly invaded. Then at some point the buzzer sounded again, and the men undid the kid’s restraints and turned him onto his back, fastening his wrists and ankles again to the platform.


They needn’t have bothered. They kid had no fight left in him. He lay there unprotesting as one of the men, whose tattoo read ‘Martin’, crouched over his face and lowered his ass to the boy’s mouth.


Without being told, Ashley started to lick the man’s ass, the microphones located near the floor picking up the wet sounds of his tongue sliding around the man’s ring.


“That’s it, Bitch, get your tongue up inside.”


Martin leaned forward and stroked the kid’s rock-hard six inches, and Ashley shuddered under his touch, bucking his hips as he dove his tongue between the cheeks against his face. But before he could cum, Martin let go of his twitching dick with a cruel laugh.


Ashley let out a moan of despair.


“Time for your facial, ass-licker,” said his tormentor. Martin stood and turned around, delivering his load in half a dozen squirts to the kid’s face.


As Ashley burst into tears again, Martin crouched and scooped up a generous helping of his man cream, feeding it to the captive sub. He ruffled Ashley’s hair.


“Nice work, kid.” While his tone was mocking, Ashley gave him a look of gratitude.


As Martin moved away, the next guy in line took his place. Each of them edged Ashley as the kid licked their assholes, but none of them let him cum. All of them painted the guy’s face and chest with their semen, then scooped up gouts of the stuff and pushed their fingers deep into his mouth to be sucked clean.


After hours of this, my knees and shins were numb, and my thigh muscles were screaming from staying in one position so long. But I didn’t dare move. The buzzer sounded again, and an exhausted Ashley was released from his shackles and pulled up onto his knees by his hair.


Then, one by one, the black guys took turns pissing into his mouth. Ashley did his best to swallow it all, gulping down their foul streams, but he simply didn’t have the capacity to take it all. Piss ran down his chin, dripping onto his chest, wetting his dick and balls, until he was kneeling in a pool of yellow liquid.


The buzzer sounded again, and the men stepped back. A stream of coloured foam, like something you’d see inside a car wash, rained down from the ceiling, coating Ashley completely, followed by strong jets of water.  The skinny little bastard shivered under the stream as he did his best to wipe the foam from his skin and wash it out of his hair.


There was no steam, and I suspected the water was cold. The kid finally gave up and wrapped his arms around himself. He bowed his head, the water flattening his hair to his head and dripping into his eyes, as he waited for it to be over.


The water shut off and drained away, and he was reattached to the platform on his hands and knees, and the fucking started again.


I lost all sense of time, other than the buzzer sounding. Every time it did, I shuddered at what the kid was going through, watching him grow weaker and weaker. The men now had to hold him in place to fuck him. He’d fallen silent, no more weeping or moaning. His eyes were closed as he took cock after cock inside him, and he looked checked-out. I guessed eight hours was a big ask, even for an experienced performer.


Twice more Chester had me suck him, and then fucked me, and I was happy to do it because it meant I could move.


The buzzer sounded again, and a red light came on. Chester came to stand beside me.


“This is day four of five days of punishment.”


Five days? I didn’t care if the kid had signed up for it, that was crazy. But I was in no position to argue. If I had to do the same to get my ticket to Gliese, that’s what I’d do.


Chester ordered me to my feet, and I followed him out of the viewing booth on shaking legs, with the taste of anal lube in my mouth. He took me to a room that had the number ‘226’ on the door.


“This will be your room for now.”


I wasn’t impressed. I’d expected to at least have a proper bed like I’d seen on the videos in the brochureware, but instead, he was putting me in a room no more than ten feet long and eight feet wide. Along each side of the room was a narrow bunk suspended from the wall by chains and brackets. Each bunk was dressed with a one-inch foam mattress and a two-inch foam pillow. They did not look comfortable.


“Where’s the bedding?” I asked.


“You don’t need it. These rooms are warm enough.”


Like animals in a laboratory. Less work for the cleaning staff, I guessed.


At the end of the cell, between the bunks, was a toilet and sink. Above it was a hose that ended in a metal nozzle, attached to a bracket on the wall. The hose looked as if it was designed to be attached to the tap. I could guess its purpose.


“You’ll be sharing a cell with Ashley,” said Chester. “During his rest period, I want you to edge him. Bring him to the brink, but don’t give him release. Do this at least three times.”


He left, and the door locked behind him. I lay on my bunk and tried to pull up the local net on my headware, but without an account or a password, I couldn’t connect. I’d have to ask Chester to help me sort out access to the Luyton global net.


With nothing else to do, and the LED alcove lighting creating a neutral twilight, I lay there and replayed watching Ashley get reamed at both ends, unsure how I felt about it.


Sometime later the door opened, and he stumbled into my cell. He collapsed onto his bunk and closed his eyes.




“Just Ash,” he whispered hoarsely. He swallowed noisily, and I imagined his throat probably hurt from being stretched out for hours. Either that, or it was numb from the nanite cream.


“I’m Ryan,” I said. “I just got here today.”


“Nice to meet you Ryan,” he said, without opening his eyes.


He didn’t seem to want to talk, but even though he looked half-dead, I couldn’t let him sleep. I had a job to do.


I got off my bunk and knelt by his.


He opened his eyes. “What are you doing?”


“Chester told me to edge you.”


He let out a laugh that shook his thin body. “Okay.”


I started to jack his cock. It took a while for his body to respond, so I took him into my mouth and tongued around the ring piercing, and soon he was moaning softly.


He rested a hand on my shoulder, and as his hips lifted, I took my mouth away. He started to cry softly then. I’d never felt like more of a bastard in my life than at that moment.


“You know I have to do it this way,” I said.


He sniffled and nodded. “Sorry, I’m just tired.”


“Get some rest now,” I said. “I’ll give you a break.”


I got back on my bunk, and was about to doze off when I heard him move. He crawled across the gap between our bunks and rested his chin on the edge of my bunk.


“I can’t cum, but I can make you cum,” he said. “Would you like that?”


“You sure? That seems unfair.”


Tears trickled down his face again. “Please. I’ll imagine it’s me. I need this.”


“Will you stop crying if I let you?”


He nodded


It felt wrong after what he’d been through, but I was turned on from teasing him, and it was hard to turn him down when he was crying at me.


“Okay, go for it.”


He set about sucking me with more enthusiasm that I’d have thought he had left in him. His touch was gentle, and his skin was smooth all over. His hair smelled like soap and fell across his face when he lowered his head, and his lips felt great around my cock as they slid down my shaft.


I gripped a fistful of his hair as I got close to climax, afraid he might stop before I came as retribution for edging him. But as I thrust up into his mouth and dumped my load, he happily tongued it away, swallowing it as quickly as I could give it to him.


Afterwards he laid his cheek against my abs and I stroked his hair, hop-lagged as all hell. As I drifted off, he shifted away.


I woke a few hours later and found him on the floor by my bunk. Sensing he was feeling fragile, I stroked his hair, and he moved closer to make it easier for me to reach him. I rolled onto my stomach and left one hand combed into his hair, and fell asleep again.


When I next woke, he’d moved his mattress under my bunk, his lips practically kissing my fingers. In a fog, I realised I needed to edge him again soon, as I had no idea how long I had before they came for him again.


“Up,” I said, and he did as he was told.


I had him lie on my bunk while I sucked him, and again he started sobbing as I brought him to the brink and left him there. I felt like an asshole, but afraid I wasn’t doing it for long enough, I brought him close half a dozen more times, just to make sure.


After what felt like half an hour, I realised I was enjoying myself too much, and he wasn’t sobbing so much as moaning my name. I kissed the tip of his cock and sat back on my heels.


“You can rest again.”


He shook his head. “Fuck me. Please.”


He rolled over and got onto his hands and knees, presenting me with his pale, round, perfectly hairless bubble-butt. If this was all natural, he as gifted genetically as he was on the shop floor.


“I don’t have any lube.”


“There’ll be enough left in me. Anyway, I don’t care. I just need to get fucked.”


Just in case, I separated his cheeks and spit between them, fingering a generous wad of saliva inside him before attempting to breach him. He was right though, there was enough lube left in his passage to accommodate me, and soon I was fucking him long and deep, running my fingers over his back, combing them up through his hair. I leaned forward and kissed his shoulder and he arched his back and let out a moan.


“Stop, I’m about to cum!”


I stopped moving and he stayed rigid, willing away his own orgasm.




I started to fuck him again, this time hard and fast. I didn’t want to risk him asking me to pull out before I finished. As I slammed home, he let out a sigh. I couldn’t understand why this made him happy, but it seemed to.


Afterwards he licked me clean, then crawled back under my bunk, insisting on tangling his fingers with mine as I slept.


Maybe an hour later, I edged him one last time, and again he gave me another orgasm with his mouth.


By the time they came for him again, I felt quite protective of him. We hadn’t spoken much, barely a handful of words, but he was a friend in a strange place, and he seemed to enjoy giving me pleasure.


Not long after they took him away for another gruelling session, Chester came for me.


 “Busy night?”


“Yeah. Ash is good company.”


“I thought you’d get on with each other. Now let’s get some food into you.”


He took me down to a dining hall, where row upon row of guys like me, in their late twenties and early thirties, dined naked. They laughed and joked with each other as they dug into a full cooked breakfast, and I started to chub up, and slid into a seat as quickly as I could to hide it.


Chester told me he’d come back later, and as he left, the guy opposite me leaned across to shake my hand. He had a nice body; great definition, with a tidy close-cropped beard and dark chest hair that trailed down to his abs.


“Hey, I’m Greg. You must be new.”


“Ryan,” I introduced myself. “I arrived yesterday.”


“What do you think so far?” He took a bite of toast.


“I think I’m going to have a lot of fun here.”


He laughed. “Who’ve you got as a master?”


 “Guy called Chester. He seems okay.”


“Chester? Lucky you. I got Carlos, and the man has a fucking elephant cock. My ass gaped for days after that first fucking. Luckily, he only did it the once.”


A plate was placed in front of me by a nervous looking kid who looked to be in his late teens (so probably in his twenties, and on supplements), and I thanked him as he hurried away.


“Don’t try to talk to the weebs while they’re working,” said Greg. “They’re not allowed to talk to us during their shift, although you can have them suck you off if you want.”


I laughed, assuming he was joking. “How long have you been here?”


 “Just under a year.”


“Saving to go to Gliese?” I asked.


“Yep. You too, huh?”


“Where else is there?”


He high-fived me. "Hey, heard you got assigned a pet straight off.”


“I got Ash as my roomie, if that’s what you mean.”


"You're lucky, he's a cutie. Total pain slut, too, you can do anything to him and he’ll come back for more.”


“Didn’t look as if he was enjoying himself yesterday,” I said, taking a sip of orange juice.


“He’s fiiine,” said Greg. “Makes a fortune in bonuses doing punishment scenes. Don’t feel sorry for him, he’s richer than God and he’s only twenty-three.”


As I finished my meal, another young guy came and grabbed my plate. As he collected my glass, Greg grabbed his wrist.


“Hold up, weeb.”


"Why do you call them that?” I asked, as the kid’s eyes slid from Greg to me then back again.


“Short for ‘WB’, whatever that means. Most people think it means ‘welcoming bottom’.”


“Don’t they get insulted when you call them that?”


“Nah, they don’t mind. It’s that weird submissive thing. The network doesn’t take on guys who don’t enjoy their work.”


“You don’t mind?” I asked the kid.


“No, Sir.”


As if he was going to say anything else.


“See this?” Greg asked. He showed me the green plastic band the kid had around his wrist. “This shows his training progress. See these symbols?”


There were four icons printed on the band; a hollow circle, a filled in circle, a lightning bolt and a teardrop.


“This is how far through his training he is. He’s grade four, so he has a bunch more grades to go to make top tier pay.”


I turned the kid’s arm, checking out the symbols. “What do they mean?”


“Lightning bolt means he’s trained to enjoy pain. Filled in circle means he’s trained to take any size cock up his ass. Hollow circle means he can deep-throat anything he’s given, and the teardrop means he drinks piss.”


The kid watched us both, saying nothing.


“What are the other grades?” I asked Greg.


“Ah, grade five is prolonged restraint, grade six is orgasm denial, grade seven is permanent chastity, and grade eight is body piercing… what else? I can’t remember what’s above that, but if you see an orange band, you’re looking at someone earning insane amounts of money, and you’d better call ‘em ‘Sir’.”


I chuckled at that.


“In case you’re wondering,” he went on, “Ash is grade six.”


“No one does scat?”


Greg shuddered. “No, the network doesn’t allow anything like that.”


“Except piss.”


He chuckled. “A little piss never hurt anyone, nanite cleaned and IFDA approved.” He winked at the weeb.


I let go of the kid’s arm, and he just stood there, staring at me. I was about to tell him to get lost, when Greg said, “Get him to suck you.”




Greg yanked the kid forward so he was bent over the table, and gripped his jaw, turning his face towards me.


“Look at that mouth. Don’t you want those lips wrapped around your dick?”


Well, yeah. The way the kid let us handle him, and the sexually charged atmosphere of the place was making me seriously hard. I ran my hand over the kid’s ass and he just watched me.


“Come on, use his mouth. It’s encouraged. ‘On-the-job training’. These weebs are on their duty shifts right now, but that doesn’t mean they get to slack off on the rest of it. Does it, weeb?”


“No, Sir,” said the kid in a quiet voice.


“Plus,” Greg said, lowering his voice, “bonuses. Never forget the bonuses.”


He let go of the guy’s wrist and said to me, “Anyway, you need to practice your ‘dominant top’ act. If you want sponsors, you gotta be convincing on camera.”


Bonuses. Think of the bonuses.


Actually, fuck the bonuses, I was thinking about nutting in a hot guy’s mouth.


“Okay.” I nodded to the weeb. “Get under there and suck me.”


“Yes, Sir.”


He crawled under the table and knelt between my legs. I slid my chair back so I could watch him, and he took my cock in his hand and licked the piss slit, sliding his tongue around the head, licking away the first drops of nectar.


“That’s it. Nice and slow to start off. Get it hard and wet.”


You’d have thought it’d feel odd getting a blowjob in front of another guy, but I’d been to enough clubs where this was just another Tuesday, and any embarrassment I might have felt disappeared as soon as I felt the wetness of his mouth on me.


The kid ran his tongue up and down the length of my tool, then put his tongue to my shaved ball sack and sucked my balls into his mouth one by one.


I put my hands under the table and stroked the sides of his neck, then remembered I was supposed to dominate him. I moved my hands to the back of his head and pulled him down so his nose was buried in my trimmed pubic hair, to see what he’d do. He took me all the way to the base without protesting and let me hold him down until I let him go.


I was impressed. His technique was flawless. No gagging, no mess. I bet they had nanites for that too.


As if I hadn’t just tried to choke him, he went back to tonguing my cockhead, then massaged the underside, teasing along the coronal ridge, until I jammed his head back down to the root of my cock and started fucking his throat.


It felt so good, every time I got close to unleashing, I gripped his hair and pulled him off me, waiting until I calmed down to fuck his mouth again. I didn’t even realise I was doing it until I finally blew my load. I groaned as I watched him swallow it all down and marvelled at being able to get a blowjob with my breakfast.


Greg looked at me in awe. “Fuck, man, I didn’t expect you to take that long. Not with all the boosters they put in our food.”


“Wanted it to last,” I said with a grin.


I waited for the kid to come back out, but he stayed where he was. I looked down at him and he stared back at me.


Greg licked jam off his fingers. “Now piss in his mouth.”




“You must want a piss after that blowjob. I always do.”


“Yeah, but…”


“It’s his job.”


Think of the bonuses.


I looked back down at the kid. “You gonna drink my piss?”


The kid nodded.


“Do it.”


I sat up straight and the kid took my limp cock into his mouth and made a seal with his lips. I started off slow, and he swallowed the first few controlled bursts just fine.


“They’re trained to take it, but do you think he wants to do this all day?” said Greg. “Hurry up, I need a piss, too.”


I didn’t need any more encouragement and unleashed into the kid’s mouth. He gulped loudly, swallowing it all without protest. After I was done, he milked out the last few drops with his hand and tongued them away, then turned around and did the same with Greg.


I ducked my head under the table to watch as he serviced Greg, and realised I was getting hard again. As soon as he was done, I nudged the kid with my foot, and he came back to me.


“Suck me again and make it fast.”


“Jesus,” laughed Greg, “You’re insatiable.”


“That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?”


I let the kid suck me for a while, then said to Greg, “Hey, can I fuck him?”


“Yeah, sure,” he said. “Like I say, we gotta keep these guys busy. And if the footage gets used, they get extra pay. Works out for everyone.”


I looked around. Everyone else was eating their breakfast as if nothing was happening.


“Don’t worry about them, they’re saving themselves for their shift,” said Greg. “Go for it.”


“Get out here,” I said to the kid.


He climbed out from under the table and I turned my chair around so I was facing outwards. “Come ride me.”


Without argument, he turned his back to me, and lined my hard seven inches up with his hole. As he lowered himself onto my shaft, I groaned at the feeling of his hot insides closing around me. How I was this horny again so soon, I had no idea. ‘Boosters’, I guessed, whatever those were.


Once I was buried all the way inside him and his ass was resting in my lap, I put my arms around him and pulled him back towards me, then started to fuck up into him. He put his hands over mine as I pulled him down on my cock, letting out gasps and moans that made me fuck him even harder. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my second load into him.


I gave the kid a squeeze to thank him, then let him go, and he climbed off my lap and dropped to his knees to clean me off, keeping his eyes on my face as he tongued all the residue off my cock. It looked as if it was all lube, and I guessed if I was him, I’d have a sparkling clean, well-lubed ass at all times, too. When he decided I was clean enough, he sat back on his heels and waited.


“What’s your name?” I asked. I hadn’t even bothered to read his tattoo.




“You’re very talented, Danny.”


“Thank you, Sir.”


“You can go now.”


“Thank you, Sir.”


Greg laughed as the kid got to his feet and took off for the kitchen before anyone else could use him.


“Enjoying yourself so far?”


“Yeah. Though, am I going to be this horny all the time?”


He clicked his tongue. “Yep.”


After breakfast, Chester took me to a new part of the facility, ushering me into a room outfitted with all kinds of BDSM equipment.


“Welcome to day one of your training. Today we’ll be doing pain administration. Have you ever been whipped or spanked?”


I shook my head and he smiled. “Well then, let’s get started.”


Continued in part 2…





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