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October 22, 2018

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Intergalactic Pornstar - Part 2

October 21, 2018


EARLY ACCESS (22nd October 2018)


The story: Ryan gets recruited to join the IGPN - The Intergalactic Gay Porn Network. 


category: gay male

Tags: #dominance and submission, #bdsm




I spent the day learning how to use all kinds of floggers and paddles to give the appearance of pain on camera, with a model called Liam, who was even more of a pain slut like Ash. The network provided creams that we could use to either prevent or repair damaged skin, but Liam wanted none of it.


Greaves showed me how to tease the sub first, dragging the leather slappers across Liam’s tensed cheeks before landing each blow, and running the floggers’ knotted leather strands lightly across his back as a contrast to the pain they made when they connected later with his unprotected flesh.


I learned how much power to use delivering blows with all the different floggers, slappers and other tools they had, like studded leather straps that could do real damage, if you didn’t watch how much pressure you landed them with.


Throughout all this, Liam’s usual BDSM scene partner, Stephan, kept his mouth occupied. Greaves explained that for training, where the sub had to deal with an inexperienced handler, they gave him whatever distraction he wanted, and he, apparently, wanted twenty loads of Stephan’s cum.


The boosters Greg had said they put in our food kept me permanently horny, and I took my turn in Liam’s mouth half a dozen times myself. I noticed that as my need for release got stronger, so did the amount of force I put into my strikes, and Greaves had me slow down at that point to give the guy more recovery time, so I didn’t beat him black and blue.


By the end of the day, I was confident enough with the gear I’d be using, and Greaves let Liam out of his bonds and told me to lie down on the punishment bench.


I’d known this was coming, as he’d explained the network’s policy was that if you were performing an act on someone else, you needed to know what it felt like yourself. He whipped me with each of the tools, and while I made it through without crying out—or sucking off Stephan—it wasn’t something I enjoyed.


Greaves dismissed Liam and Stephan, and then sat down with me while the nanite repair cream soothed away the stings and aches from the short beating I’d received.


“So, Ryan, what’s the most important thing you learned today?”


“That I need to watch how much force I use.”


“Indeed. If you want to strike harder when you’re nearing climax, your sub may demand to be struck with more force as he nears his, seeking the most intense release. But you must never lose control, or you may condition your scene partners to accept pain that will cause them harm when they leave us and move into their lives outside the network.”


“Surely they know what they want?”


Greaves put a hand on my shoulder. “We do our best to strike the right balance between providing the content our audiences want, and ensuring our performers enjoy their work. But this is an artificial environment, a highly sexually charged environment from which none of you can escape for the duration of your contract.


“Some of the more sensitive boys leave here and don’t have sex for years afterwards. Some go on to become prostitutes. Others to work elsewhere in the sex industry. Some are not as affected and will simply look back on this experience as one would military service, or higher education. We offer free deprogramming, but very few of our contractors have the patience to spend a month being weaned off wanting constant sex.”


I couldn’t imagine that either. If this was conditioning to want to fuck twenty-four seven, I imagined deprogramming was exceptionally boring.


“And this is why we refuse to extend a contract past five years,” he went on. “We don’t want this experience to consume a young man’s life and future. It’s a fun way to earn excessive amounts of money and build lifelong friends, but we don’t want anyone leaving here permanently damaged.”


Even though the cream had finished working, the memory of the pain he’d inflicted on my backside made me vow to myself to be careful with how much force I used during scenes like these. No matter how much my sub screamed for more, they’d only get as much as I was prepared to give them.




As I entered the dining hall later that night, Greg caught sight of me and waved me over. He introduced me to the two men sitting either side of him as I took a seat.


“Ryan, this here’s Vinnie.”


A tall, slim guy with a groomed moustache and a couple of days’ worth of stubble shook my hand and gave me a nod. “Hey.”


“And this is Issac.”


A solid black guy with a shaved head, a very attractive face, and massive pecs shook my hand. “Hey, Ryan, Welcome to our crew.”


“Nice bod,” I said, and he lifted his eyebrows with a smile to let me know he knew it.


“So, what’d Greaves have you doing today?” Greg asked.


“Pain training. A whooole new world to me.”


“Yeah, took me a while to get used to that shit,” he said. “First time Carlos told me to use studs on a guy, I was like, hell no, I can’t do that to another person.” He snapped a bread stick in half and pointed it at me. “Then I saw how hard the weeb got when Carlos started slapping him with it, and I was like, fuck. This guy’s really into it.”


“Yeah, they train ‘em good,” said Isaac. “I think I find the pain scenes more traumatic than they do. They get nanite cream on their asses, but nothing can fix the damage to my brain.”


I nodded towards Vinnie, who hadn’t said anything. “What about you?”


“Huh?” he said.


“Pain scenes. Do you mind doing them?”


Vinnie glanced sideways at Greg, who put a hand on his back and gave him a friendly shove.


“Likes ‘em a little too much, don’t ya Vinne?”


Vinnie dipped his head with an embarrassed smile.


“Put it this way,” said Greg, “You need tips on how to make it realistic, Vinnie’s your guy.”


As a young guy set food in front of us, a couple of other men joined our table. Kav, one of the black guys I’d seen on day one punishing Ash, and an Asian-American called Sam, who was one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen. He was tall, with a nicely toned body, but not built out on supplements, and his light brown eyes held a look of amusement, as if he thought we were all peasants.


I kept throwing him glances, trying to catch him checking me out, without being too obvious about it, but Greg caught me doing it.


“Sammyyy, I think our new boy likes you.”


I ducked my head in embarrassment, and Greg reached across the table and messed my hair.


“Awww, look how red he is!”


“Shut up, man!” I pushed his hand away, and he sat back, laughing.


“Don’t be a prick, Greg,” said Sam. He kept his tone light, but Greg stopped harassing me, and moved on to talking about the gang-bang scene he’d filmed that day.


As dinner came to a close, Greg said to me, “You want to get a lounge with us?”


“I don’t know, what does that mean?”


“They got you in a starter room, haven’t they?” he said. “They won’t move you into a proper room until they know you’re going to stick it out, so I figure you don’t want to go back there until you have to.”


“You got that right. That cubicle’s like a fucking bus shelter from 2036 or something.”


“Well, our days are obviously different to Earth’s, but we keep Earth time anyway, since most of the ‘live’ market is still Earth customers watching the hopstreams. And today’s ‘Earth’ Friday. For the guys not scheduled on the night shift, this is the one night we get some time to ourselves.”


Kav put out a hand. “Now, just to be clear, Ryan, there’s still cameras in the lounges, but we can do whatever we want for the evening. It’s the only night we get where there’s no compulsory activity.”


Greaves had told me I needed to sign up for at least a couple of sports, as a way to keep fit, but also to build camaraderie. And, of course, for all the pervs who wanted to watch us get hot and sweaty. I’d played football back home, and I was a reasonable swimmer, so I had no problem with that. But the thought of having a night of downtime did appeal.


“So, you want to come, have a couple of beers, play some games?”




We walked through the complex and down to a recreation area and found an empty lounge. It was mood-lit with pelmet lighting, and fitted out with fabric covered chairs and stools, with soft screens on the walls and a mini-bar. Greg told me drinking was allowed on Friday nights only, and it was strictly rationed to two drinks per person, so we wouldn’t be getting rowdy.


“You said there were games?” I asked. “I still can’t connect my headware to the local net.”


“Yeah, none of us can, 2D consoles only,” said Kav, pointing to a box on a low table with a bunch of controllers sitting on top of it. “Clients don’t pay to watch us staring into space.”


He picked up a remote and put on some music, and the screens lit up, showing the purple and black IGPN logo.


Greg got behind the bar. “Okay, who wants what?” He pulled six cans of beer out of the fridge and set them on the counter. “So many options!”


“I’ll take one,” I said, and he slid one across the bar to me.


I took my drink and found a seat on the bench along the wall, while the rest of the guys pulled up chairs, so we were sitting in a circle. We shot the shit for a while, mostly Greg and his friends doing their best to scare the shit out of me, and then the door opened and a slim kid poked his head in.


“Do you guys need anything?”


A smile spread across Greg’s face. “Joshiiiie! Come in and shut the door. Hey, is that a new band you’ve got?”


The young guy held up his wrist.


“It is! You made blue!” said Greg. He turned excitedly to the others. “What do you say guys, shall we play Edge the Weeb?”


They all exchanged glances. “Yeeeeah,” said Isaac, running his gaze over the kid. “Yeah, you know what, let’s do it. It’ll give Ryan a head start on his OD training.”


“OD?” I asked.


“Orgasm denial,” said Greg.


“Turn around and show us your ass,” said Vinnie, and the young guy turned to face the door, leaning forward on his hands and spreading his legs shoulder width to best show off his body. His name was tattooed just above his butt, same as Ash’s was.


He was pale-skinned and short—five eight at most—with blue eyes, and a mop of brown hair streaked with blonde. His body was nicely toned, and his round asscheeks screamed to be prised apart. Until coming to the network, I’d mostly preferred masculine, muscular guys, my age or older. But I had to admit, Josh was cute.


“Turn back,” said Vinnie.


The young guy turned back to us, his gaze on the back wall. I guessed from his point of view, he was in a scene now.


“How long you been in denial?” Greg asked, scoffing at his own joke.


“I just finished a month’s OD training yesterday, Sir.”


As the guys questioned him, I couldn’t help noticing the kid’s cock was plumping out.


“You’re pretty fresh out of training,” said Isaac. “You think you can outlast us? I don’t want to fuck up your sponsorship, man.”


Josh was quiet for a second, thinking about it, then said, “I can do it, Sir.”


“Okay then.” Isaac held a hand out to him. “Come sit on my lap while we explain the rules to my man Ryan here.”


Josh took a seat on the black man’s lap, and Isaac put an arm around him under his ribs, pulling the kid back against his body.


“Okay,” said Greg, “These are the rules. Josh here’s obviously on OD. You got sponsors, Josh?”


“Nine-thousand-and-three so far, sir.”


“So, his sponsors likely voted on the options the network gave ‘em, and paid to move him up a grade—that right?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“And for every week, day, minute he doesn’t cum, they sponsor him. Usually to a pre-set goal that the network puts a hefty price tag on. What’s your first goal, Josh?”


“Three months, Sir.”


“Harsh,” said Greg. “So, if he makes it to three months, he gets a bonus payment from his sponsors. If he doesn’t make it to three months, he gets nothing. Well, just his normal pay.”


“Okay,” I said. “What if he has a wet dream?”


“That doesn’t happen,” said Greg, giving me a slightly starey look.


I guessed since any wet dreams he might have were technically while he was sleeping (and not officially working), they edited that kind of thing out. And again, technically, it wasn’t cheating if he wasn’t awake. I just knew if his balls were full as they must be, that semen was gonna come out, one way or another.


“So, what we’re going to do now,” Greg said, “is take turns edging him.”


“Seriously? That seems cruel.”


He laughed. “Yes and no, I mean, he’s still doing scenes, which means he’s got to hold his orgasm all day every day while he’s getting fucked. This is going to be half an hour at most. And, if we do a good job, and people pay to access it, the network will add a bonus to the sponsor’s pot… as long as he doesn’t cum. So, there’s a good incentive for him to play, and to hold off his orgasm. Meanwhile, we get two minutes each to do our best to make him blow his load.”


“What happens if he blows?”


“If one of us manages to make him cum, they have to take the rest of the group’s dicks for a week.”


“So why would we even try to make him cum?”


“Because it’s fun, it’s good practice, and sometimes one of us wants to get dicked for a week.” He winked at me and I gave him the finger.


Isaac squeezed Josh and pinched the kid’s nipple. “You good?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Okay, first, go get us some food. Make it fun.”


“Yes, Sir.”


Josh slid off Isaac’s lap and yanked open the door, disappearing back towards the kitchen.


I was already getting hard at the thought of playing with him, but although I’d quickly gotten used to going naked, it still felt odd to be sitting around with a bunch of horny men, all of us waiting to play with one other guy.


By the time Josh got back, we were all on our second beer and ready to go.


Sam fetched a padded stool to use as a table, and Josh set the tray of food down.


Isaac motioned the kid to sit back on his lap, while I looked at what we had to work with. Most of it was fruit—hothouse Earth fruit, like strawberries, bananas, cherries and grapes, a along with a pot of chocolate dipping sauce, some bread rolls and a large pat of softened butter.


“Grab me a couple of cherries, would you?” Isaac said to Josh, and he leaned over and scooped a couple up, handing them to the big black guy.


“Who’s time-keeping?” asked Greg.


Sam grabbed the remote and fiddled with the buttons until he had a countdown paused on the two screens.


“And, go!” said Greg.


The countdown started from two minutes, but Josh and Isaac were oblivious, their eyes locked on each other. Isaac rested a hand on the kid’s leg and put one of the plump cherries into his own mouth. He bit down on it, and holding it between his teeth, offered it to Josh. The kid’s lips met Isaac’s, and together they bit the cherry in half.


Josh put a hand to his half and took out the pit, then the two of them kissed, cherry juice staining their lips.


Isaac caressed Josh’s back while he cupped Josh’s balls with the second cherry in his palm, rolling it along the base of his sac, then running it up his hardening length with long, slow strokes.


Josh melted into him, and Isaac ran the cherry across the end of the kid’s cock, wetting it with a drop of precum, before pushing it into the young guy’s mouth.


Josh licked the cherry then bit into it. It exploded, juice running down his chin, and Isaac licked it away. He kissed Josh again, pushing his tongue deep into his mouth as he ran his hands over the other guy’s body.


A buzzer sounded that set my nerves on edge, and Josh gave Isaac a long look as he got off the black man’s lap. He was now fully hard.


“Your turn, Greg.”


Greg leaned forward and scooped up some butter with his hand, then pulled Josh over his lap.


“No numbing creams this time,” he said. “All natural, so you can feel everything.”


Josh looked up at him with wide blue eyes, then let out a soft moan as Greg slicked the butter between his cheeks and started circling his entrance with two well-greased fingers.


“That feel nice?”


“Yes, Sir,” said Josh in a soft voice, and I couldn’t help feeling he was the kind of boy who’d look good in stockings and panties, with that voice, and his cute face.


Greg slid a finger in to the second knuckle, and the kid moaned, his fingers curled around Greg’s thigh as he pushed back against the invasion.


Greg added a second digit, sliding his fingers smoothly in and out, his other hand caressing Josh’s back and shoulders, then smoothing across his ass cheeks.


Josh was clearly losing himself, grinding himself against Greg’s leg, and I wondered, if that was me, if I’d just give up and try to cum. Then again, I hadn’t gone through OD training, and from what I’d seen so far, the network’s training was very effective.


The buzzer sounded, and it was my turn. I had everyone’s eyes on me as I grabbed some of the chocolate sauce in my hand, and beckoned Josh over.


He was fully hard now, and I had him stand between my legs while I clicked his cock with liquid chocolate, using it as a lubricant to masturbate him. He put a hand on my shoulder as I pulled him closer by his cock, and feeling the way his body reacted to being moved into position, I masturbated him harder, forgetting I was just supposed to edge him.


I twisted one of his nipples and he moaned, his rod twitching in my hand. I did it again, then leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I twisted his nipples mercilessly as I licked away the chocolate, swirling my tongue around his cock head, tasting precum mix with the dip.


I glanced up and saw I only had seconds left, and stood, pulling him against me. I shared the taste of chocolate with him while I tugged hard on one nipple, and he gasped into my mouth.


The buzzer went off and I let him go. He stood there, panting and frozen, and I glanced down, half expecting to see he’d exploded. But somehow he managed to pull it back.


“Jesus, Ryan!” said Greg. “You aiming to get dicked?”


I caught Sam’s eyes across the circle and saw the corner of his mouth turned up in a smile. I held his gaze as long as I could, wanting him to remember me. Wanting him to want to fuck me, as much as I wanted to fuck him.


Kav called Josh over next, and building on the guy’s obvious love of being dominated, had him kneel while he pushed most of a peeled banana into his mouth. Josh took it like the pro he was, and then Kav had him stand. The black man pulled the banana out of Josh’s mouth and broke it in half, consuming one half himself.


He handed the other half to Josh, who fucked his mouth with it while Kav stroked him lightly. With ten seconds to go, Kav gripped Josh’s dick and squeezed it hard. Josh’s eyes went very wide, and Kav pulled the rest of the banana out and consumed it in two bites with a grin. As the buzzer went off, Kav planted a kiss on the kid’s lips and let him go.


“Next time, you’ll have to try the real thing.”


Josh gave him a shy smile. “If you go easy.”


“You know I will.”


“Here.” Vinnie clicked his fingers, and with nervousness in his eyes, Josh went to stand in front of him.


“You like sucking cock?” asked Vinnie.


“Yes, Sir.” Well, he was hardly going to say ‘no’.


“On your knees.”


Josh got down on his knees, and Vinnie started jacking his own hard length. He was long, and thick with it, although his meat was nothing like the insane size of Kav’s.


“Get it wet and make it loud. And keep your hand on your cock while you do it.”


Josh had his hand on his cock instantly, alternating between stroking to give himself pleasure, and squeezing to stop his orgasm. He dutifully licked every inch of Vinnie’s cock, giving the other man a sultry look as he did.


“You’re a sissy bitch, aren’t you?” Vinnie said, giving Josh hard, hungry eyes.


“Yes, Sir.”


“Thought so. Suck.”


Josh dove down on Vinnie’s thick cock, taking it all the way to the base so his nose was nestled against the other man’s groomed patch of dark curls. Vinnie half closed his eyes as the kid pleasured him, then suddenly gripped his hair and fucked into his mouth with short, fast thrusts. He let out a groan, and Josh’s throat started working as Vinnie fed him his load.


I was amazed. Vinnie had cum in just under two minutes. Horny as I was, I knew I needed longer than that.


The buzzer went off and Josh got to his feet, wiping his mouth. Vinnie patted his ass and nodded to him.


“I bet you’re a hot little sissy. I’ll make sure we scene together soon.”


Josh gave him a shy smile. “Yes, Sir.”


Sam was next.


“Give me the butter,” he instructed, and Josh handed it to him.


Sam scooped out a generous amount and slicked it over his cock, which was a modest seven inches like mine.


“Take a seat.”


Sam was sitting on an upholstered bench, which allowed Josh to place his thighs either side of the other man’s. He guided Sam’s tip to his entrance and slowly sank down, concentrating as he dropped down halfway.


Sam glanced past him at me, then put a hand on the back of the kid’s head and pulled him in so he could kiss him. A lingering, sensual kiss.


Then he placed his hands under Josh’s ass and guided him in a slow, lazy fuck, all the while exploring the kid’s mouth.


Josh put his hands on Sam’s shoulders and moved with him, moaning as he took more of Sam inside him, then let out a gasp.


“Stop, I can’t, I can’t.” He stilled his movement, and Sam let him come to a halt. He pulled the kid’s head in close and dropped a kiss against his forehead.


“It’s okay.”


The buzzer went off, and Josh reluctantly extracted himself from Sam’s lap.


“No fair, Sam, you two scene together all the time!” complained Greg. “If any of us fucked him, he’d have come straight away!”


Sam just smiled. He held Josh’s fingers for a moment, giving him a lingering look that told me they were close, before letting go.


“Nice work, you made it through round one,” said Greg. “Anyone up for a round two?”


“I am,” said Josh.


Think of the bonuses.


“Sure, but take a second and get your breath back,” said Isaac.


 Josh went and sat behind the bar to recover his self-control, while the rest of us fondled our hard cocks.


“Okay, round two, we all go for it,” said Greg. “No more holding back, agreed? Let’s make him some serious money.”


“I’m in,” I said. I was throbbing hard having just watched Josh ride Sam’s dick.


“Two by two?” Isaac suggested. “I’m horny, man, my dick needs some love.”


The others laughed, and Greg called Josh back over. He pointed around the circle, pairing us off.


“Isaac and Sam, Kav and Ryan, and I’ll go with Vinnie.”


The stool and food tray were moved out of the way, and I guessed things were about to get more serious.


I could tell Isaac really just wanted his dick sucked, as the second the clock started, he bent Josh over and slid into his mouth. The time was extended to four minutes since we were taking turns in pairs, and Sam ran his hands down the kid’s back and then sheathed himself back in Josh’s ass. He didn’t fuck him though, but held still while Isaac fucked the kid’s mouth, letting Josh concentrate on pleasuring the other man, while still getting pleasure of his own from being filled.


“Boy, your mouth is something else,” said Isaac, stroking his hands through Josh’s hair, and the kid made a happy sound.


Lodged inside him, Sam leaned over Josh as he took Isaac deep into his throat, kissing his back, and running his hands over the kid’s body, caressing his balls, and smoothing his palms across his nipples. I noticed he kept his touch light, and guessed he knew better than any of us what would set his scene partner off.


Isaac was moaning by the end of the four minutes but still hadn’t cum, and as the buzzer went, Greg stepped over and stroked a hand through Josh’s hair, and said, “You happy to finish him?”


Josh nodded as best he could, and Isaac carried on fucking his mouth, finishing a couple of minutes later. Josh licked him clean while Sam slid out of his ass, and then turned around.


His eyes trained on Sam’s, he trailed his slim hands down the other man’s hard body, before dropping to his knees to take Sam’s meat into his mouth.


It only took a few minutes for him to make Sam blow, and Sam ran a hand through his hair and then pulled him up, giving him another kiss on the mouth, before letting him go.


I felt jealous again, watching all that eye contact, and pushed it down. Getting a crush on a guy in a place like this was not going to work out for me.


“Kav, Ryan, you’re up.”


Yep, we sure were! Since Kav was enormous, and we only had butter as lube, Kav took the kid’s mouth, while I dropped to my knees behind Josh and pushed my tongue into his ass.


He tasted of whipped butter, and I slid my tongue around his entrance, probing inside him while he did his best to do justice to Kav’s massive cock.


As he choked Kav down, I stroked his balls while I tongue-fucked his asshole, making sure they didn’t rise beyond the point of no return.


“Fuck man, that’s one good suck-job,” said Kav, as the buzzer went off.


“Do you want me to finish you?” Josh asked, but Kav shook his head.


“Nah man, I got another weeb I promised this load to later tonight.”


Josh turned to me. “You want me to finish you?”


Hell yeah, I did, but Kav’s comment made me think of Ash. He was going to want me to fuck him again tonight, I was sure of it.


“Nah, I’m good.”


The kid looked disappointed, and I pulled him into a kiss to reassure him. He melted into me, and I gave his nipple a friendly tweak, then slapped his ass as I pulled away.


He gave me a smile, then turned to Greg, who pulled him down to his knees. Greg brushed a hand through his hair while Josh looked up at him.


“You think you can swallow another load tonight?”


“Yes, Sir.” He grinned.


Vinnie got down behind him and lifted the kid’s hips, then smothered his ass with butter, fingering him deep while Josh sucked off Greg.


Every now and then Vinnie would grip the kid’s nipples hard, and Josh would let out a loud moan, and I could see his butt tense as he did his best to hold himself back. Vinnie was clearly doing his best to stimulate the kid’s prostate, and it seemed to be working.


Greg pulled Josh’s head into his groin to blow his load with twenty seconds on the clock, and Vinnie ramped up his action, pushing two more fingers into his well-greased hole.


Josh gasped, and for a second I thought Vinnie might have gone too far. Then Josh gripped his dick hard at the base and squeezed as hard as he could with a look of concentration.


The buzzer went off, and Vinnie slowly slid his fingers out of the kid’s ass.


“Lucky I didn’t give you the whole hand, eh?”


“Fuck.” Josh panted hard. He looked down at his cock, as if he couldn’t believe it hadn’t gone off, and stayed there a while longer before he let himself go.


Greg helped him up. “Nice work, weeb.”


He gave Josh a hug, and Josh rested his head on Greg’s shoulder. He looked exhausted, and I could only imagine the case of blue balls he must have had.


“I want to cum so badly!”


Sam pulled him away from Greg and rested his arms on the kid’s shoulders. “Think of the cash. Think, of, the, cash.”


“Yeah, the cash.” Josh let out heavy sigh. “Two months to go.”


Sam kissed him. “Looking forward to it. See you later on.”




We all clapped him on the back and thanked him as he collected the tray and left.


The room stank of sex and sweat as we collapsed back into our seats. It’d been a long day, and I just wanted to get back to my room and see Ash, so I was happy when Greg suggested we call it a night. He called one of the staff to take me back to my room, since I didn’t have a key, and as I followed the staffer through the corridors, I was glad that in some undetermined future I’d have a better room and more autonomy.


Ash was asleep on his mattress under my bunk when I got back, and horny as I was, I was tempted to ‘accidentally’ wake him by nudging him with my foot. But I knew he’d had a hard day, and I had no instructions from Greaves to edge him.


I fell asleep on my bunk and woke to soft lips sealed around my boner. He sucked me to completion twice that night, both times waking me out of a dream where I was fucking him, while Sam fucked me.


To be continued in part 3... 




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